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Sydney Legal Agents is a business that finds its foundation on the recognition of the need for expedient service and open, reliable access to staff. With our decades of knowledge in the industry, we are now fully accredited electronic settlement agents, able to lodge documents and conduct PEXA settlements on your behalf

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By outsourcing your PEXA settlements to SLA as your electronic agents we can ensure a smooth and transparent process whilst guaranteeing the quality service our clients have come to expect. With our highly experienced staff you can rest assured we will conduct your settlements with great proficiency, allowing you to prioritise other avenues within your business. Holding the necessary licensing, our own trust account and possessing comprehensive insurance, we provide peace of mind to our clients.


For decades at Sydney Legal Agents we have been conducting manual services in a swift and efficient manner to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. In terms of stamp duty, we have knowledgeable staff with years of experience in working with Revenue NSW. With the liability now falling on the EDR agent, this ensures peace of mind and a smooth and compliant procedure. We are experienced with EDR returns, as well as complying with the Random Audit Process that all EDR agents are now subjected too. We also have highly qualified registration staff who can ensure the correct registration of manual documents with the NSW LRS. We frequent the LRS daily and can obtain personal feedback from their staff regarding the lodgement of your documents.